Over the years, Swami Muktibodhananda has instructed  many programs for YANA, in person and online. Her programs are immensely insightful, informed by her decades of personal experience and teaching. YANA is pleased to offer this workshop bundle.  This is an opportunity to learn from a yoga master and deepen your understanding and practice. 

Swami Muktibodhandana is a world-class exponent of the Satyananda Yoga system. She is a yogacharya, or master teacher of yoga, who enjoys teaching ancient yogic practices to a modern day audience. She started her yoga journey in 1972 and studied under the direct guidance of Swami Satyananda for 10 years in India. During this time she authored Swara Yoga: The Tantric Science of Brain Breathing, and the internationally acclaimed translation and commentary Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Light on Hatha Yoga. Based in Brisbane, Australia, she continues to teach and lecture on the various aspects of yoga and tantra in Australia and abroad.

Deepen Your Sadhana

A sound investment.