Integrative Online Yoga Training

Yoga for Your Whole Being

Physical - Vital - Mental - Intuitive - Spiritual

Ancient Wisdom & Vibrant Traditions

Accessible. Methodical. Transformative.

The wisdom of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedanta is articulated in accessible and methodical techniques suited to the modern age. Harmonize and transform your being at every level.


  • Development of Practices

    Learn practices in stages: safely and systematically. Practice in a manner that honors and supports your whole being.

  • Foundational Practices

    Lay down your yoga roots by learning techniques that help you build a foundation for your practice.

  • Highly Experienced Teachers

    Learn from teachers with extensive training in authentic traditions and with decades of teaching experience.

  • Membership

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"We can work together to build a better life and a better society by changing ourselves. The change has to come from within us, and we have to be ready for this change. This transformation of consciousness, energy and mind, is the spirit of Yoga."  

-Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati