The 18 ITIES of Swami Sivananda represent the expressive yoga which allows us to develop an attitude and awareness with which to live our lives, so that yoga becomes a lifestyle affording expression of greater creativity and participation in the world. 

Working systematically with the ities affords the possibility of filling one's life with positive and beautiful qualities enabling one to enter the transcendental experience of life.

In this workshop, Swami Sivamurti Saraswati brings her wisdom and in-depth experience to clearly and systematically elucidate the 18 ITIES and their application in daily life.  The practices are led by senior Swamis and highly qualified yoga instructors from the Satyananda System of Yoga.

Swami Sivamurti Saraswati

This workshop was conducted in six sessions online during October - December 2022.

Sessions are comprised of a combination of lecture, practice, group discussion, and q&a.

Introduction by Swami Sivamurti Saraswati

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This workshop covers:

  • The 18 Ities & Pratyahara

    Detailed discussion of the 18 Ities and connection to pratyahara.

  • Pratyahara Practices

    Pratyahara practices suited for the different Ities.

  • Discussion Groups

    Some sessions include break-out rooms to allow participants to discuss the lecture material in smaller groups.

  • Lifework

    Recommended lifework to deepen experience and understanding of the covered material.

  • Video Recordings

    Recordings of session available for viewing.

  • Downloads

    Recording of session practices.

  • Recommended Text

    Swami Sivananda's 18 ITIES and the Practice of Pratyahara. Available on Amazon or may be read online by creating account on

Yoga Acharya

Swami Sivamurti Saraswati

Swami Sivamurti Saraswati was born and raised in Australia. In 1975, she travelled to India where she met her Guru Paramahamsa Satyananda at the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger. There, she underwent training under his direct guidance on various branches of yoga and the tradition of Sannyasa. In 1976 she received his mandate to bring the teachings of Satyananda yoga to Greece and established the first yoga centre in Kalamata, followed by Satyanandashram Hellas in Paiania, near Athens and three main Satyananda Yoga Meditation centres in mainland Greece. Throughout the last four decades, she has inspired the establishment of numerous independent centres all over Greece and the Balkan states and under her guidance, hundreds of yoga instructors have been trained in the Satyananda system of yoga 

In 1991, she founded Satyananda Math (now called, Satyananda Math -Amba) to help and uplift, elevate and bring joy to the needy and less privileged sections of society in the spirit inspired by Swami Satyananda to ‘serve, love, give.’ 

In 1993 Swami Sivamurti was recognized as a Yoga Acharya (Master of yoga) by the International Yoga Fellowship movement (IYFM) and in 2004, appointed a permanent guardian of the Satyananda yoga Academy Europe. (SYAE) and a Bihar Yoga Emissary, India. Since 2004 she has served on the governing body of SYAE.

In 2007, she founded the Satyananda Yoga women’s groups, uniting women all over Greece in the name of yoga and in 2014 she was appointed a Yogacharya of the Yoga Vidya council, India, in recognition of her dedication to the teachings, mission and propagation of the tradition of Satyananda Yoga. During the same year, she founded the “Ηellenic Αffiliation of Υoga Ιnstructors trained in the Satyananda system of Yoga” in Greece, uniting instructors trained in the Satyananda system of yoga, from all over mainland Greece and the islands and in 2019, she introduced Sangha teacher development sessions to all instructors trained in the Satyananda System of Yoga in Greece, for the purpose of upgrading their knowledge in all aspects of yoga and connecting to the tradition and teaching of Satyananda Yoga.

She has authored many books on the topic of Satyananda yoga, and has travelled regularly throughout Greece and abroad over the last 40 years, giving seminars and lecturing on how yoga, as a valuable legacy which has been passed on from an ancient lineage can assist modern man to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome

    • Session 1 Follow-Up

    • Session 1 Video

    • Session 1 - Practice

  2. 2
    • Session 2 Follow-Up

    • Session 2 Video

    • Session 2 - Practice

  3. 3
    • Session 3 Follow-Up

    • Session 3 Video - Part 1

    • Session 3 Video - Part 2

    • Session 3 Video - Part 3

    • Session 3 Video - Part 4

    • Session 3 - Practice

  4. 4
    • Session 4 Follow-Up

    • Session 4 Video

    • Session 4 - Practice

  5. 5
    • Session 5 Follow-Up

    • Session 5 Video

    • Session 5 - Practice

  6. 6
    • Session 6 Video

    • Session 6 - Practice

    • Thank You